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Skin Protocol

Arbutin essence

Arbutin essence

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Skin color is a combination of various pigments present in the skin. Black/brown skin color is caused by the deposition of melanin produced by a special type of epidermal cells, melanocytes. There is a component in melanocytes, tyrosinase. When exposed to ultraviolet light or other factors, it will start the chemical process of producing melanin, leading to the deepening of skin color. Alpha-arbutin is mainly extracted from bear fruit leaves. It is a natural, mild and low-irritating ingredient. It can effectively block the activity of aminotyrosinase, thereby interrupting the process of melanin production, accelerating the decomposition and elimination of melanin, stabilizing free radicals, and achieving prevention And the effect of lightening dark spots and brown spots on the skin. It is effective quickly and has significant effects. Its ingredients are more stable than those of Beta type. It only needs one-ninth of the concentration of Beta type to exert its efficient whitening mechanism.

Applicable skin parts

Pigmentation, dullness and uneven skin tone

Product information

Capacity: 5 ml

Origin of ingredients

Main source of raw materials: Japan

2 Reviews
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