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Glamouring Whitening Cream

All Skin Types; Uneven skin tone; Pigmentation

With the latest biotechnology breakthrough, the clinically proven alpha-Arbutin in the formulation can greatly improve the whitening effects. It can quickly and effectively whiten the skin, and helps to lighten pigmentation and prevents further pigments spots from formation, leaving you with a glamourous whitened skin.


Hydra Moist Lotion

All Skin type; Dry Skin; Eczema Skin

A light-weight hydrating formula moisturizes the skin and restores the protective skin barrier. It also helps to improve skin softness and smooth fine lines. For all skin type.


Hydrating Gel Mask

Dry Skin; Eczema Skin

Hydrating gel formulation with rich Allantoin content which helps to provide a protective barrier for the skin from external environment, increasing the moisturizing texture of the skin, and also reduce adverse effects from external environment. Apart from hydrating functions, it also helps to reduce inflammation responses of the skin, and convert full spectrum protection to skin cells.

$66.60 $87.00

Hydrating Make Up Remover

All Skin Types

Moisturizing formula keeps skin moist and delicate while keeping skin clean and bright, softening rough skin texture, increasing skin's water retention function.


Hydrating Toner

All Skin Types

The gentle formula can restore natural pH of the skin. It hydrates the skin, refines its pores and gives the skin a soft supple look.


Nourishing Cleansing Milk

Dry Skin

Nourishing formula that removes dirt, excess oil and skin impurities and leaving the skin feeling fresh and clean. Suitable for all skin types.


Radiant Dark Circle Corrector

All Skin Types; Dark Circle; Eye Puffiness

A product with tandem formulations. The Haloxyl formula can reduce dark circles through its unique triple path mechanisms. It can strengthen the muscles around the eye thus reducing the formation of eye bags, it also reduces the production of iron molecules and also reduces inflammation process that causes the formation of dark circles. The other Beautifeye formulation can raise the upper and lower eyelids, reduce wrinkles around the eye and whiten the dark circles. Achieve better effects with the compound usage of both formulations.


Retinol Rejuvenating Night Cream

Oily Skin; Acne Skin; Hybrid Skin; Mature skin; Sun Damaged Skin

A proven night rejuvenation formula that helps to rewind the aging process. Retinol in the formulation helps to increase production of collagen of the skin, smoothen fine lines and greatly decrease pigmentation, whitening of skin, repair damages to the skin overnight effectively. Multi-purpose formula also helps to unclog the skin pores and reduce the chances of inflammation, leading to effective acne treatment.