The formation of acne marks

When acne appears on the face, it is always accompanied by itching. Many people in adolescence, due to lack of experience, can’t help but scratch it with their hands to relieve the itching , eventually leaving marks on their faces.

In fact, itchy skin is caused by the body's immune system trying to speed up the elimination of inflammation when acne becomes inflamed . At this time, the skin will increase some blood vessels at the site of inflammation, causing the acne to wither . When the inflammation passes, these red blood vessels will slowly disappear . The reason why acne marks are formed is because during the growth of acne, bacteria, inflammation, etc. The skin tissue is damaged and fibrotic scars are formed . Due to pigmentation or death of blood cells , the skin becomes darker or produces marks or red acne marks. Long-term inflammation and chronic stimulation can lead to capillary blood vessels in the superficial dermis. Expansion, resulting in red marks and black acne marks left after the acne subsides. After the acne heals, excessive melanin and pigment precipitation are produced.
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