Enlarged pores problem

Our skin has millions of pores , and although pore size is largely determined by genetics, healthy pores should be less noticeable to the naked eye . Most of the pores visible to the naked eye are caused by clogged pores , damage caused by excessive squeezing and pulling of the skin.

Pores are mainly responsible for secreting sweat and oil for our facial skin. Oil is the skin's natural emollient oil , which can effectively condition and moisturize the skin and prevent dry skin. But when there is excess oil secretion , the excess oil will combine with dead skin cells and cause clogged pores . Therefore, it is difficult for clogged pores to release oil, causing the pores to continue to expand , allowing normal oil secretion.

In addition, dead skin is the top layer of the skin . Our skin continues to produce new skin cells every day. The complete skin renewal cycle takes a month . However, when the dead skin is not removed in time, it will cause clogged pores and cause The complexion becomes dull and loses its luster.

In addition, even if there is no problem of clogged pores, when the skin begins to age and the skin's natural functions begin to slow down, the skin will lose its elasticity and will no longer be firm . The collagen and elastin in the skin will also begin to decrease, causing the skin to sag and relax. , will also make pores more conspicuous .

To achieve pore-free skin beauty , the key is to consolidate the skin structure. Strong, healthy skin has almost no gaps in its structure and remains supple even as we age .

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