Uneven skin tone problem

Uneven skin tone is a problem that many people have, especially in spring and summer. Generally speaking, changes in the external environment and the internal body will cause uneven skin color to varying degrees . In addition to affecting appearance and image, uneven skin color will also cause trouble to beauty-loving ladies when applying makeup .

When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, a large amount of melanin will be formed in the dermis. After metabolism, the skin cells will move upward layer by layer, and the melanin will also move upward and accumulate on the epidermis. If the metabolism of our skin is relatively fast, melanin will fall off . On the contrary, if the metabolism of the skin is slow, melanin will accumulate in the epidermis . Once the melanin on the epidermis of the skin is unevenly distributed, some are thick and some are thin, it will Uneven skin tone will result. In addition, as age increases, the combined effects of various factors such as unbalanced nutritional intake, external pollution, unreasonable living habits, overloaded work, mental stress, etc., often lead to the inefficiency of the body's own detoxification system. It completely completes the metabolic task and reflects it on the skin surface , causing the skin to have uneven skin tone .

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