Causes of stains

With aging and accumulated damage from the sun, many people will develop dark spots on their faces. What is the main cause of stains?

  1. Excessive sun exposure will stimulate the skin to produce melanin to resist the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin. When the metabolism of the skin cannot discharge melanin, the pigment will float to the surface of the skin and precipitate into uneven color spots.

  2. Do you think your skin will not darken if you don’t bask in the sun? In fact, the blue light emitted by electronic products such as mobile phones and computers can cause the skin to produce spot pigment.

  3. Girls who don’t get enough sleep due to lack of sleep all night will not only deteriorate the body’s blood circulation, but also cause endocrine disorders. Chloasma or liver spots will also begin to appear on the face, causing melanin in the skin to precipitate.

  4. Hormones before menstruation. Some girls' skin will periodically deteriorate. The reason is that in the two weeks before menstruation, it is easily affected by hormones, which causes strong sebum secretion, leading to thickening of the stratum corneum, blocked pores, and melanin deposition.

  5. Effects of Drugs Women who take drugs for a long time are likely to induce chloasma. Women who have taken estrogen-containing drugs for more than five to six years often have obvious pigmentation on their faces, because estrogen can stimulate the growth of melanocytes, causing the pigment to appear. . In addition, taking medications for high blood pressure and diabetes can easily cause chloasma.

  6. Genetic factors: Some people are born with spots or freckles on their face or body, which is usually inherited in the family. As we age, the spots will gradually increase, deepen and become larger. During adolescence or pregnancy, the growth of freckles will reach its peak, and in old age they will gradually fade and become blurred.

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