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Hydrolyzed okra protein essence

Hydrolyzed okra protein essence

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Hydrolyzed okra protein is a hydrolyzed oligopeptide protein extracted from okra, known as [green ginseng]. Okra is commonly grown in South Asia and Africa and is often used as a health food and in traditional medicine. It is a plant-based botulinum toxin that has similar efficacy to Botox but without the risks of Botox injections. Okra protein has been clinically proven to reduce muscle contraction, smooth expression lines, and achieve anti-wrinkle, smooth, and firm skin effects. Experiments have also proven that okra protein itself has the effect of delaying biological aging, and in addition to the botulinum toxin-like effect, it is more effective in helping to maintain skin elasticity.

Applicable skin parts

Skin with expression lines

Product information

Capacity: 5 ml

Origin of ingredients

Main source of raw materials: Germany

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