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Fanan Red Wine Grapevine Extract

Fanan Red Wine Grapevine Extract

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Compared to white grapes, red grapes are almost unaffected by botrytis because they contain resveratrol. Red wine grapevine essence is a polyphenol-rich grape juice extract that converts resveratrol into stable δ-glutinine (resveratrol derivatives) through patented enzyme biotechnology. δ-Glutin has a comprehensive anti-aging effect. It can protect essential skin components, such as mitochondrial DNA, and the stem cell microenvironment from free radical damage. It can also protect the extracellular matrix and inhibit the synthesis of hyaluronidase and metalloproteinases. Also promotes collagen synthesis. Experiments have shown that after 56 days of using a formula containing 3% red wine grapevine, visible wrinkles are significantly reduced.

Applicable skin parts

all skin

Product information

Capacity: 5 ml

Origin of ingredients

Main raw material origin: France

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