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Eye peptide essence

Eye peptide essence

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Eyeliss™ is a blend of three peptides that effectively reduce eye puffiness. The first peptide is orange peel methylphenylstyrene extracted from citrus plants. This newly discovered ingredient can strengthen capillaries and veins, while improving lymphatic drainage and circulation, making eyes bright again. The second one is dipeptide and tryptophan acid, which can promote drainage of the skin under the eyes and improve eye bags and puffiness. The third type is the tetrapeptide palmitate, which can effectively reduce inflammation, enhance skin elasticity and firmness, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Clinical experiments have proven that it can effectively reduce eye bags and improve eye lines after 28 days of continuous use.

Applicable skin parts

Puffy eyes and eye bags

Product information

Capacity: 5 ml

Origin of ingredients

Main raw material origin: France

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